Basic information

Name: Seafood quiche

Yield: 3

Categories fish, cheese



 3 large
 2 c
 Grated Cheese
 1/4 tsp
 1/2 lb
 Shrimp Or Crabmeat
 1/2 c
 1/2 c
 Melted Butter
 1/2 c
 Combination Of Chopped:
 1 1/2 c
 1 dash
 Tabasco Sauce
 10-1/2" Pie Shell
 Green Bell Peppers
 Red Bell Peppers


Saute‚ peppers, onions, mushrooms and celery in the melted butter. Lightly beat eggs and combine with Bisquick, milk, salt, Tabasco sauce and cheese. Add shrimp or crabmeat to mixture along with vegetables. Pour into a prepared pie shell and bake in a preheated
350øF oven for 45 minutes. Add an additional 15 minutes if prepared ahead of time. From: Syd's Cookbook.