Basic information

Name: Seafood tetrazinni

Yield: 12

Categories seafood, main dish



 8 oz
 Vermicelli broken into 2" lengths cooked and drained
 5 Tbs
 3 c
 Cooked crab & shrimp mixed
 2 1/2 c
 Chicken stock
 1/2 tsp
 Basil, dried; -=OR=-
 1/2 c
 1/2 c
 Clam juice
 1/2 c
 White wine
 1/2 c
 Heavy cream
 1/2 c
 Grated Parmesan or Romano
 1 tsp
 -Chopped fresh Basil
 1 large
 Garlic clove; minced
 1 c
 Sliced scallion
 1 c
 Sliced mushrooms
 Freshly ground pepper


Heat a large skillet; add 1/4 cup butter; when foam subsides, saute scallions until soft; stir in flour, coating well; whisk in stock, clam juice, wine, cream basil and seafood; stir in 1/4 cup cheese and set aside; saute mushrooms in the remaining butter; add garlic, cooking to aroma; combine with seafood mixture and season with salt and pepper; add pasta and mix well; pour into a buttered 9
X 13 baking dish; top with remaining cheese; bake in a preheated 375F oven for 15 minutes.