Basic information

Name: Seared red snapper w/thai curry sauce

Yield: 1

Categories seafood



 4 oz
 Red snapper fillet (with skin on)
 2 tsp
 Palm sugar (or brown sugar)
 2 Tbs
 1 tsp
 Thai fish sauce (or soya sauce)
 1 oz
 Peanut oil
 1 c
 Coconut milk
 1 Tbs
 Thai red curry paste
 Piece pompadum, deep fried
 Spinach leaves, blanched


Saute snapper in hot pan with peanut oil, skin side down until crisp. Cook on other side until done. Reserve on side until sauce is ready.
Thai Curry Sauce: Heat oil in sauce pan, add curry paste and cook until bubbly. Add coconut milk an bring to a boil. Season with fish sauce and sugar, to suit taste. Serve fish skin side up with curry sauce and garnish with fried pompadum and deep fried spinach leaves. *Pompadum: Savory Indian biscuit, very thin, very light and crisp. Kauai, Hawaii Typed in MMformat by