Basic information

Name: Saurbraten--pennsylvania dutch cooking

Yield: 4

Categories beef, main dish, meats



 Slices of bacon
 Large onions, sliced
 1 tsp
 Whole alspice
 1 dash
 1 Tbs
 Whole cloves
 Chuck or pot roast, 2" thick
 Vinegar (this means ne


Place meat in non-reactive dish or bowland cover with wolution of half vinegar and half water, put in two large onions, sliced. Do this two
or three days before the meat is wanted. On the day before it is to
be cooked, cut 4 slices of bacon into 1" pieces and chop fine 1 tablespoon of the onion which has been soaking in the vinegar. Cut holes in themeat 1 or 2 inches apart and stuff bits of the bacon and chopped onion into the holes. Put the meat back into the solution, add 1 tablespoon whole cloves and 1 teaspoon whole allspice. Bake the meat as a pot roast in part of the solution, until tender. Use more
of the solution, adding sugar to taste, in making the gravy which will be almost black.