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Title: Vindaloo Base

User: nnss


Categories: hot, indian, curry, spice

amount unit name
1 recipe mild curry base
1/2 TS turmeric
1 TS ground black pepper
1/2 spanish onion, peeled and sliced
2 TS garam masala
1 TB fenugreek leaves
1 TB vinagar, any
potato pieces boiled, 2 inch x 2 inch
chilli powder 2-4 teaspoons


1. Proceed with stage 1 of mild curry base.
2. Make a water paste of the turmeric, pepper and chilli powder, then
add and fry for 1 minute. Add the onion, stir-frying for 2 minutes
3. Continue with stage 2 to 5 of mild curry base.
4. Add the potatoes and remaining ingredients at the end of stage 5.
5. Serve after a minimum of 5 minutes simmering, or when ready.
NOTE: For a Tindaloo just add more chilli powder to taste.