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Title: Rajun Cajun Ribs

User: nnss


Categories: hot, pork, ribs, cajun

amount unit name
3 LB pork spareribs boiling water to cover rajun cajun sauce
2/3 C ketchup
1/4 TS cayenne pepper
1/8 TS pepper
1/8 TS garlic powder
1/8 TS chili powder


Cut ribs into easy to handle portions. Cook in boiling water until
tender, about 1 hour. Drain, Cool. Rajun Cajun Sauce: Combine all 5
ingredients together in small bowl. Brush over ribs. Place ribs on
grill over medium-hot heat. Turn and baste often, about 10 minutes
until well glazed and hot. Serves 4. More heat can be added to suit
your taste. Just add more cayenne pepper. Origin: Jean Pare,
Company's Coming (Barbecues) Shared by: Ed Vroone
From: Sharon Stevens Date: 03-19-94
From: Jr Byers Date: 25 Feb 96