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User: nnss

Yield: 4 servings

Categories: main dish, mexican, vegetables, seafood

amount unit name
12 OZ shrimp*
2 TB vinegar
1 1/2 TS lemon juice
1/4 TS salt
1/8 TS mustard dry
pepper dash of
1/4 C onion thinly sliced,1 small
1 clove garlic halved
3 TB vegetable oil
1 jalapeno pepper pickled, **
2 avocados halved & seeded
1/2 C tomato chopped, 1 medium


* Shrimp can be either fresh or frozen and should be shelled. **
Jalapeno Pepper should be rinsed, seeded and cut into strips. Thaw
shrimp if frozen. In a bowl combine vinegar, lemon juice, salt,
mustard and pepper and set aside. In a medium skillet, cook the
shrimp, half of the onion slices and the garlic in hot oil over
medium-high heat for 4 to 5 minutes, or just until shrimp are done,
stirring occasionally. Remove onion and garlic with a slotted spoon
and discard. Add shrimp and the remaining oil to the vinegar mixture
in the bowl, along with remaining onion slices and the jalapeno
pepper. Cover and chill for several hours or overnight, stirring
occasionally. To Serve: Lift the shrimp, onion slices and jalapeno
pepper from the marinade and spoon into the avocado halves. Sprinkle
with the chopped tomato and drizzle some of the remaining marinade
over all.