Basic information

Name: Schnitzel meat

Yield: 1

Categories penndutch, meats



 2 Tbs
 2 Tbs
 Carrot, diced
 16 oz
 Tomato, can
 1 1/2 lb
 Veal steak
 Sm Onion, finely chopped
 Salt & pepper


Cut veal steak in cubes; dredge with flour and season with salt & pepper. Melt the shortening (bacon fat is preferable) and brown the meat in it. Remove meat from pan and stir in the flour and blend. Add the juice from the tomatoes and stir well until mixture thickens. (Tomatoes are not used in this recipe- save for another use). Add the meat, carrots and onion. Cover pan closely and simmer for 45 minutes. Arts Press, 1936.