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Secret ingredient dip

Dips, seafood

Catch a sea cucumber, the flavour is well worth the effort. Rip it open and remove the long, thin white...

Seaman's dip

Dips, spreads

Drain the can of salmon and flake the fish into a large bowl. Mash the avocado with the rind and...

Seafood dip


In a bowl, mix the first 10 ingredients until smooth. Spread in a 9 inch pie pan. Sprinkle with bread...

Sausage cheese dip


Brown sausage in skillet. Drain. Melt cheese in double boiler or microwave oven. Combine tomatoes and green chilies with cheese...

B-l-t dip

Appetizers, entertain, dips

Fry the bacon very crisp and drain on paper towels. When cool, crumble into small pieces and set aside. Combine...

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